True Blood of Siberian lady

True Blood of SL True Blood of Siberian Lady
d.o.b. 17.11.2010.

Hips check: too young, eyes: too young

with Dad

Blade with his dad, Paco

CH./Int.Ch., Multi BIS/BISS Winner Pack Creek Bear Hydrargium

Pack Creek Bear of Hydrargium

Tokima's Northwest Passage

Multiple BIS/BISS  Ch.Karnovanda`s Noth by Northwest
Ch.Karnovanda`s  Kenzi II
Karnovanda's The Ice Princess
Marlytuk`s Miles From Boston
Ch. Karnovanda`s Ice Angel

CH./Int.Ch., Multi BIS/BISS Winner, Euro CH 2007 Misty May of Siberian Lady

Misty May of Siberian Lady

CH Kaila's Burberry
Kaila's Rusian Cameo
USA Ch.Rockland's Starr Atraction
CH Fly

Blade as a baby:

True Blood of Siberian Lady True Blood of Siberian Lady






Baby class

CAC Novi Sad (SRB)
Natasa Davidovic (SRB)
Vp-1, BOB Baby, 3rd Baby BIS
15.05.2011. CAC Srbobran (SRB) Sinisa Sancanin (SRB), Vladimir Zizakov (SRB) Vp-1, BOB Baby, baby BIS


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